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14 April 2016

Manayil, Jinesh and Inocencio, Carlos and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2016) Mesoporous sulfonic acid silicas for pyrolysis bio-oil upgrading via acetic acid esterification. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

22 July 2016

Rothnie, Alice and Morrison, Kerrie and Hardy, David and Akram, Aneel and Mathews, Ashley and Khan, Zoeya and Patel, Jaimin and Zhou, Chumin and Moore-Kelly, Charles and Patel, Roshani and Odiba, Victor and Knowles, Timothy and Javed, Masood-ul-Hassan and Chmel, Nikola and Dafforn, Timothy (2016) Effect of polymer variation on SMALP solubilisation of membrane proteins. [Image] Aston University. Available from:

27 July 2016

Frattini, Lucia and Isaacs, Mark and Parlett, Christopher and Wilson, Karen and Kyriakou, Georgios and Lee, Adam (2016) Support enhanced α-pinene isomerization over HPW/SBA-15. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

14 September 2016

Tapia Reche, Mariano and Osatiashtiani, Amin and Durndell, Lee and Isaacs, Mark and Silva, Angela and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2016) Niobic acid nanoparticle catalysts for the aqueous phase transformation of glucose and fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfufural. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

7 December 2016

Bennett, James and Parlett, Christopher and Isaacs, Mark and Durndell, Lee and Olivi, Luca and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2016) Acetic acid ketonization over Fe3O4/SiO2 for pyrolysis bio-oil upgrading. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

29 March 2017

Hasan, Raquibal and Leeson-Payne, Alasdair and Jaggar, Jonathan and Zhang, Xuming (2017) Calmodulin is responsible for Ca2+-dependent regulation of TRPA1 channels. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

21 April 2017

Taylor, Martin and Jiang, Li and Reichert, Joachim and Papageorgiou, Anthoula and Beaumont, Simon and Wilson, Karen and Lee, Adam and Barth, Johannes and Kyriakou, Georgios (2017) Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrodeoxygenation of Furfural over Pt(111): A Model System for the Rational Design and Operation of Practical Biomass Conversion Catalysts. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

10 October 2017

Zhang, Tingting and Sanchez Costa, Christian and Al-Khateeb, Mohammad and Phillips, Ian and Ellis, Andrew (2017) Dataset underpinning article "224Gb/s Polarization Multiplexed Single Carrier 2ASK-8PSK Signal with Doubly Differential Encoding". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

11 October 2017

Rabee, Abdallah and Durndell, Lee and Fouad, Nasr and Frattini, Lucia and Isaacs, Mark and Lee, Adam and Mekhemer, Gamal and dos Santos, Vannia and Wilson, Karen and Zaki, Mohamed (2017) Data underpinning article "Citrate-mediated sol–gel synthesis of Al-substituted sulfated zirconia catalysts for α-pinene isomerization". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

19 January 2018

Jahangiri, Hessam and Osatiashtiani, Amin and Bennett, James and Isaacs, Mark and Gu, Sai and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2018) Data underpinning article "Zirconia catalysed acetic acid ketonisation for pretreatment of biomass fast pyrolysis vapours". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

21 November 2018

Yentekakis, Ioannis and Goula, Grammatiki and Hatzisymeon, Maria and Betsi-argroppoulou, Ioanna and Botzolaki, Georgia and Kousi, Kalliopi and Kondarides, Dimitris and Taylor, Martin and Parlett, Christopher and Osatiashtiani, Amin and Kyriakou, Georgios and Holgado, Juan and Lambert, Richard (2018) Data underpinning article "Effect of support oxygen storage capacity on the catalytic performance of Rh nanoparticles for CO2 reforming of methane". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

10 July 2019

Hardy, David and Bill, Roslyn and Jawhari, Anass and Rothnie, Alice (2019) Data underpinning article "Functional expression of Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 MRP4/ABCC4". [Collection] Aston University. Available from:

11 July 2019

Hardy, David and Bill, Roslyn and Rothnie, Alice and Jawhari, Anass (2019) Data underpinning article "Stabilization of human Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 (MRP4/ABCC4) using novel solubilization agents.". [Collection] Aston University. Available from:

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