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23 May 1989

Buckland, Roger and Davis, E.W (1989) UK Secondary Equity Market Quotations, November 1980 - March 1985. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

4 February 2003

Dawson, Jeremy and West, Michael (2003) Leadership Style of CEOs in UK Manufacturing Companies, 1993-1997. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

8 June 2010

Carrol, Julia and Solity, Jonathan and Shapiro, Laura (2010) Distinguishing between cognitive and experiential causes of reading difficulty. [Interactive Resource] UK Data Archive. Available from:

20 December 2012

Butler, Michael (2012) The TRANSFORMATION Project: Transferring knowledge to transform project management practice. [Dataset] UK Data Archive. Available from:

12 June 2013

Theodorakopoulos,, Nicholas (2013) An Online Assessment and Development Tool for Business Incubators: Measuring to Improve Business Incubation Management Skills, Performance and Impact. [Dataset] UK Data Archive. Available from:

1 May 2015

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2015) Informational masking of monaural target speech by a single contralateral formant. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

16 July 2015

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2015) Acoustic Source Characteristics, Across-Formant Integration, and Speech Intelligibility Under Competitive Conditions. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

15 February 2016

Clark, Urszula (2016) Aston Corpus of West Midlands English (ACWME). [Interactive Resource] ESRC. Available from:

17 February 2016

MacLeod, Nicci and Grant, Tim (2016) Assuming identities online: Experimental chatlogs. [Dataset] UK Data Archive. Available from:

28 April 2016

MacLeod, Nicci (2016) Assuming identities online: Police Chatlogs. [Interactive Resource] ESRC. Available from:

4 July 2016

Roberts, Brian (2016) Understanding speech in the presence of other speech: Perceptual mechanisms for auditory scene analysis in human listeners. [Dataset] UK Data Archive. Available from:

5 August 2016

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2016) Across-formant integration and speech intelligibility: Effects of acoustic source properties in the presence and absence of a contralateral interferer. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

29 September 2016

Hartwright, Charlotte and Hardwick, Robert and Apperly, Ian and Hansen, Peter (2016) Resting state morphology predicts the effect of theta burst stimulation in false belief reasoning. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

20 October 2016

Summers, Robert and Roberts, Brian (2016) Informational masking and the effects of differences in fundamental frequency and fundamental-frequency contour on phonetic integration in a formant ensemble. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

30 March 2017

Shapiro, Laura and Cunningham, Anna and Witton, Caroline and Talcott, Joel and Burgess, Adrian and Rochelle, Kim (2017) Aston literacy project dataset. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

20 December 2017

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2017) Data underpinning article "Informational masking of speech by time-varying competitors: Effects of frequency region and number of interfering formants". [Collection] Aston University. Available from:

27 October 2021

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2021) Mandatory dichotic integration of second-formant information: Contralateral sine bleats have predictable effects on consonant place judgments. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

11 March 2022

Roberts, Brian and Summers, Robert (2022) Effects of stimulus naturalness and contralateral interferers on lexical bias in consonant identification. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

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