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Ibrahem, Mohammed and Verrelli, Emanuele and Lai, Khue and Kyriakou, Georgios and Lee, Adam and Isaacs, Mark and Cheng, Fei and O'Neil, Mary (2017) Data underpinning article "Dual Wavelength (Ultraviolet and Green) Photodetectors Using Solution Processed Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Kumar, Santosh and Durndell, Lee and Manayil, Jinesh and Isaacs, Mark and Parlett, Christopher and Karthikeyan, Sekar and Douthwaite, Richard and Coulson, Ben and Wilson, Karen (2017) Data underpinning article " Delaminated CoAl-Layered Double Hydroxide@TiO2 Heterojunction Nanocomposites for CO2 Photocatalytic Reduction". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Liakakou, Eleni and Isaacs, Mark and Wilson, Karen and Lee, Adam and Heracleous, Eleni (2017) On the Mn promoted synthesis of higher alcohols over Cu derived ternary catalysts. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Manayil, Jinesh and Osatiashtiani, Amin and Mendoza, Alvaro and Parlett, Christopher and Isaacs, Mark and Durndell, Lee and Michailof, Chrysoula and Heracleous, Eleni and Lappas, Angelos and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2017) Impact of macroporosity on catalytic upgrading of fast pyrolysis bio-oil by esterification over silica sulfonic acids. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Osatiashtiani, Amin and Puértolas, Begoña and Oliveira, Caio and Manayil, Jinesh and Brunella, Barbero and Isaacs, Mark and Michailof, Chrysoula and Heracleous, Eleni and Pérez-Ramírez, Javier and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2017) On the influence of Si:Al ratio and hierarchical porosity of FAU zeolites in solid acid catalysed esterification pretreatment of bio-oil. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Rabee, Abdallah and Durndell, Lee and Fouad, Nasr and Frattini, Lucia and Isaacs, Mark and Lee, Adam and Mekhemer, Gamal and dos Santos, Vannia and Wilson, Karen and Zaki, Mohamed (2017) Data underpinning article "Citrate-mediated sol–gel synthesis of Al-substituted sulfated zirconia catalysts for α-pinene isomerization". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Rabee, Abdallah and Mekhemer, Gamal and Osatiashtiani, Amin and Isaacs, Mark and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2017) Data underpinning article "Acidity-Reactivity Relationships in Catalytic Esterification over Ammonium Sulfate-Derived Sulfated Zirconia". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Rottreau, Taylor and Parlett, Christopher and Lee, Adam and Evans, Robert (2017) Dataset underpinning article "Diffusion NMR Characterization of Catalytic Silica Supports: A Tortuous Path". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Silva, Angela and Wilson, Karen and Lee, Adam and Cristina dos Santos, Vannia and Carolina Cons Bacilla, Ana and Mary Mantovani, Karen and Nakagaki, Shirley (2017) Nb2O5/SBA-15 catalyzed propanoic acid esterification. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Taylor, Martin and Jiang, Li and Reichert, Joachim and Papageorgiou, Anthoula and Beaumont, Simon and Wilson, Karen and Lee, Adam and Barth, Johannes and Kyriakou, Georgios (2017) Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrodeoxygenation of Furfural over Pt(111): A Model System for the Rational Design and Operation of Practical Biomass Conversion Catalysts. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Yang, Yang and Brammer, John and Wright, Daniel and Scott, James and Serrano, Clara and Bridgwater, Anthony (2017) Combined heat and power from the intermediate pyrolysis of biomass materials: performance, economics and environmental impact. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Yentekakis, Ioannis and Goula, Grammatiki and Kampouri, Stavroula and Betsi-argyropoulou, I and Panagiotopoulou, Paraskevi and Taylor, Martin and Kyriakou, Georgios and Lambert, Richard (2017) Dataset underpinning article "Ir-Catalysed Nitrous oxide (N2O) Decomposition: Effect of Ir Particle Size and Metal–Support Interactions". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:


Zhang, Xingguang and Durndell, Lee and Isaacs, Mark and Parlett, Christopher and Lee, Adam and Wilson, Karen (2017) Platinum-Catalyzed Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of d-Glucose to d-Sorbitol. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

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