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Data Collection

Rothnie, Alice and Patel, Jaimin and Allen, Marcus and Pollock, Naomi and Maher, Jacqueline (2022) Data underpinning 'The function of BK channels extracted and purified within SMALPs'. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Hawkins, Olivia and Jahromi, Christine Parisa and Gulamhussein, Aiman and Nestorow, Stephanie and Rothnie, Alice and Bill, Roslyn and Goddard, Alan and Simms, John and Bahra, Taranpreet and Shelton, Christian and Owusu-Mensah, Quincy and Mohiddin, Naadiya and O'Rourke, Hannah and Ajmal, Mariam and Byrnes, Kara and Khan, Madiha and Nahar, Nila and Lim, Arcella and Harris, Cassandra and Healy, Hannah and Hasan, Syeda and Ahmed, Asma and Jones, Lora and Vaitsopoulou, Afroditi and Akram, Aneel and Williams, Christopher and Binding, Johanna and Thandi, Rumandeep and Joby, Aswathy and Guest, Ashley and Mohammed, Zain and Rasool, Farah and Cavanagh, Luke and Kang, Simran and Asparuhov, Biser and Jestin, Aleksandr and Dafforn, Timothy (2021) Data underpinning 'Membrane protein extraction and purification using partially esterified SMA polymers'. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Low, Floren and Shabir, Kiran and Brown, James and Bill, Roslyn and Rothnie, Alice (2020) Data underpinning 'Roles of ABCC1 and ABCC4 in proliferation and migration of breast 2 cancer cell lines'. [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Gulamhussein, Aiman and Uddin, Romez and Tighe, Brian and Poyner, David and Rothnie, Alice (2020) Data underpinning "A comparison of SMA (styrene maleic acid) and DIBMA (di-isobutylene maleic acid) for membrane protein purification". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Ayub, Hoor and Clare, Michelle and Milic, Ivana and Chmel, Nikola and Böning, Heike and Devitt, Andrew and Krey, Thomas and Bill, Roslyn and Rothnie, Alice (2019) Data underpinning "CD81 extracted in SMALP nanodiscs comprises two distinct protein populations within a lipid environment enriched with negatively charged headgroups". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Hardy, David and Bill, Roslyn and Rothnie, Alice and Jawhari, Anass (2019) Data underpinning article "Stabilization of human Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 (MRP4/ABCC4) using novel solubilization agents.". [Collection] Aston University. Available from:

Hardy, David and Bill, Roslyn and Jawhari, Anass and Rothnie, Alice (2019) Data underpinning article "Functional expression of Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 MRP4/ABCC4". [Collection] Aston University. Available from:

Rothnie, Alice and Gulamhussein, Aiman and Meah, Danyall and Fenner, Stephen and Saidani, Zakaria and Akram, Aneel and Lallie, Simran and Mattews, Ashlyn and Liddar, Monique and Mohammed, Zain and Ki Chiu, Lai and Healy, Hannah and Hussain, Nabeel and Patel, Jaimin (2018) Data underpinning article "Examining the stability of membrane proteins within SMALPs". [Dataset] Aston University. Available from:

Rothnie, Alice and Morrison, Kerrie and Hardy, David and Akram, Aneel and Mathews, Ashley and Khan, Zoeya and Patel, Jaimin and Zhou, Chumin and Moore-Kelly, Charles and Patel, Roshani and Odiba, Victor and Knowles, Timothy and Javed, Masood-ul-Hassan and Chmel, Nikola and Dafforn, Timothy (2016) Effect of polymer variation on SMALP solubilisation of membrane proteins. [Image] Aston University. Available from:

Rothnie, Alice and Currin, Heather and Wassmer, Thomas (2016) Data underpinning article "AP-2 complex-mediated endocytosis of Drosophila Crumbs regulates polarity via antagonizing Stardust". [Image] Aston University. Available from:

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