Data underpinning article "Direct Galpha q gating is the sole mechanism for TRPM8 inhibition caused by bradykinin receptor activation"


Creators: Zhang, Xuming
Keywords: TRPM8, PIP2, bradykinin, G protein, GPCR signaling, protein-protein interaction, Pain, inflammation
Divisions: College of Health and Life Sciences > Clinical and Systems Neuroscience
Funders: Medical Research Council, Aston University
Projects: Regulation of termo-TRP ion channels
Grant number: G0801387, 49294
Data Publisher: Aston University
Date Made Available: 29 May 2019
Collection period:
July 201020 December 2018
Data Collection and Processing Methods: Zhang X dataset is the quantification and measurement of TRPM8 firing, currents and fluorescence signals under different conditions. The data were collected with electrophysiological recordings and confocal imaging of single cells. TRPM8-Gq modelling is the proposed structural interaction between TRPM8 and Galpha q using the Discovery studio 4.0 software. The data were collected for elucidating the mechanisms of TRPM8 modulation and gating.
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