Data underpinning article: "Epitope mapping and characterization of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal modified-human serum albumin using two different polyclonal antibodies"


Creators: Spickett, Corinne, Pitt, Andrew and Campos-Pinto, Isabel
Keywords: Lipid peroxidation, Protein lipoxidation, Mass spectrometry, Diagnostics, Antibodies, Peptide arrays, Epitope mapping
Divisions: College of Health and Life Sciences > Cell and Tissue Biomedical Research
Funders: European Commission Horizon 2020
Projects: MASSTRPLAN (
Grant number: 675132
Data Publisher: Aston University
Date Made Available: 14 May 2019
Collection period:
1 July 20161 March 2019
Data Collection and Processing Methods: LC-MSMS analysis, ELISAs and in-house synthetic arrays
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