Data underpinning article "Binocular summation revisited: beyond sqrt(2)"


Creators: Baker, Daniel, Lygo, Freya, Meese, Tim and Georgeson, Mark
Keywords: Binocular summation
Divisions: College of Health and Life Sciences > Clinical and Systems Neuroscience
Funders: EPSRC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust
Projects: Suppression & Summation in Contrast Gain Control for Human Vision, The Spatial Integration and Segmentation of Luminance Contrast in Human Spatial Vision
Grant number: GR/S74515/01, EP/H000038/1, BBH00159X1, 105624
Data Publisher: Figshare
Date Made Available: 5 July 2018
Collection period:
Data Collection and Processing Methods: Data from the spatiotemporal frequency experiment and the individual differences experiment reported in the paper published in Psychological Bulletin. Each file contains thresholds for individual participants expressed in decibel (dB) units, where CdB = 20*log10(C%), where C% is Michelson contrast expressed as a percentage. See the published paper for methodological details.
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