Data underpinning article "Single atom Cu(I) promoted mesoporous titanias for photocatalytic Methyl Orange depollution and H 2 production"


Creators: Trofimovaite, Rima, Parlett, Christopher, Kumar, Santosh, Frattini, Lucia, Isaacs, Mark, Wilson, Karen, Olivi, Luca, Debgupta, Joyashish, Douthwaite, Richard and Lee, Adam
Keywords: Photocatalysis, Titania, Mesoporous, Copper, XAS
Divisions: College of Engineering and Physical Sciences > Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI)
Funders: EPSRC
Projects: Solar fuels via engineering innovation, Selective photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to olefins: a feasibility study
Grant number: EP/K021796/1, EP/K029525/2
Data Publisher: Aston University
Date Made Available: 4 May 2018
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