Impact of Inter-modal Four-Wave Mixing on the Performance of Mode- and Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Systems


Creators: Ferreira, Filipe, Fonseca, Daniel, Sygletos, Stylianos, Ellis, Andrew and Silva, Henrique
Keywords: few-mode fibres, mode-division multiplexing, differential mode delay, four-wave mixing
Divisions: College of Engineering and Physical Sciences > Aston Institute of Photonics Technology (AIPT)
Funders: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Coriant Portugal, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, European Communities 7th Framework Programme
Grant number: EP/L000091/1, SFRH/BDE/51094/2010, 619732, 228033
Data Publisher: Aston University
Date Made Available: 27 July 2015
Collection period:
1 May 20151 May 2015
Data Collection and Processing Methods: In this paper, we investigate the impact of inter-modal four-wave mixing on mode- and wavelength-division-multiplexing systems. A set of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations, including linear mode coupling, is derived allowing to isolate the inter-modal four-wave mixing terms. The efficiency of inter-modal four-wave mixing between degenerate LP modes is found to be significantly higher than the intra-modal four-wave mixing efficiency. However, it is shown that the inter-modal four-wave mixing efficiency between degenerate modes is significantly reduced by the linear mode coupling. These data support the publication of the same title.
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